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Leaf Pattern Design

​How to work with Jenée

Jenée customizes all of her presentations based on client desires and goals.

She includes relevant mindful science and practices in her presentations as well

as the essential human competencies captured in emotional intelligence.

She is a creative and engaging master teacher and vibrant speaker. 


  • Keynote Presentations

  • Curated Workshops and Seminars

  • Support for Employee Resource Groups

  • Individual and Group Coaching

  • Consultation for Workplace Wellness


A Sample of Past Learning Events: 
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management Practices

  • Inner Calm and Resilience

  • Joy and Pain: The Art of Flourishing in Unprecedented Times

  • Embrace, Embody and Embed: Strengthening DEI with Mindfulness

  • A Time To Heal: Insights on the Path to Healing Racialized Trauma (Series)

  • Meditation for Liberation: Keys for Inner Peace and Freedom

  • Rest: A Soft Place to Land

  • Habits Of Happiness

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