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The Right Within Experience cultivates humanity, joy and wellbeing that individuals and organizations need to forward health and equity goals through mindfulness practices. by building skill in a range of mindful practices.

The program is designed to uplift and support people on the front lines of social justice and community service by empowering their daily self-care practices and infusing principles of mindfulness into their work culture.


The benefits of mindfulness practices have been richly documented in the mainstream, but not intentionally focused on as a tool for improving wellbeing and healing from systemic and internalized oppression.


The model is curated from the research of a cross section of mindfulness practitioners and scholars including Dr. Shelley Harrell, Dr. Angela Black and educator Erica Huggins


Our Approach

Acknowledging the experiences of oppression and trauma, The Right Within Experience incorporates an African-centered liberatory process that includes meditation, movement and music as valuable tools in the process.


The program is generated from a participatory action research framework, which asserts, “Nothing about us without us.” Therefore a basic program design is offered to the pilot participants, enriched and shaped by their contributions and efforts.

Organizations will be invited to apply to the pilot program in the last quarter of 2020.

Jenée is especially thankful for the wisdom and collaboration of Mr. Mikael Wagner, Promotions West, as the Director of Communications and Project Manager on the development of The Right Within Experience.


Content Advisors:

Shelly P. Harrell, Ph.D, Amber McZeal, M.A, and Treina Alexander, Founder Yoga Love
Denique Boxhill, MS, MA, APCC, Implementation Specialist