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      How you gonna win if you ain't right within? — Lauryn Hill

      The Right Within Experience™

      Soulful, healing, heart work for flourishing and sovereign living…

      The Right Within Experience cultivates the experience of inner calm, resilience, self- love and joy through meditation and mindfulness practices for people of African ancestry.

      We teach people how to use mindfulness to flourish and build the personal and community missions they are committed to.

      Reclaiming Humanity, Joy and Wellbeing!

      Liberation is a Lifestyle:

      Although we acknowledge that trauma can be transmitted across generations, The Right Within Experience is built on the fact that resilience is transmitted also.  We acknowledge that resilience is accessed when we can sustain enough coherence to tap into our intuition, imagination and strength or “inner stillness on the move”. This quality of presence is achieved through mindfulness.

      What we Do:

      We illuminate the ancient African roots of mindfulness and supporting neuroscience in an experiential learning process. Each session offers, content, application, reflection, and community connection. Ultimately the goal is to reclaim precious attention, positively influence identity and beliefs and set people on the path of a consistent and gentle mindfulness practice for individual and community benefits.

      The Right Within Experience is grounded in scholarship, science and spirit.

      Reclamation Series:

      The Reclamation of Humanity:

      Scholarly content is offered to explain the current social condition of coloniality and the “victim vortex”- a diminished sense of being that coloniality fosters. We reframe our history and beliefs in a powerful and uplifting context. The reclamation of humanity is supported through mindfulness and HeartMath techniques. Focused attention, Self-Compassion, and Loving Kindness are explored.

      The Reclamation of Joy:

      Joy is a birth right, a natural state of exuberance. Joy and its compadre Love are the fuel behind all creation. What steals and nurtures joy is explored. Neuroscience principles and mindfulness practices such as open awareness enable harmony, clarity, and the creation of a powerful inner pause. We explore what helps to lower stress hormones and elevate the emotions that are a vibrational match to health and balance.

      The Reclamation of Wellbeing:

      Mindfulness is not something to talk about. It is something to do. A liberatory lifestyle is embodied in daily rituals, rest, good food and nutrition, the courage to face the grief of loss, courage to embrace good and attune to the breath. Graceful presence or pure being are featured practices.

      The Reclamation of Attention:

      The final hour in the series offers the opportunity to integrate learning, ask questions of resident scholars and chart a course of liberation away from or amid the noise and chaos of attention thieves. It lands one in the possibility of being Right Within, with increased resilience and inner calm and fulfillment of life.

      The Right Within Experience is a resource for organizations and individuals desiring to better the quality of their lives and improve the effectiveness of their missions.

      It will debut online in February 2023 and live in Oakland California in March 2023.


      We extend kind gratitude to our funder, the Kataly Foundation.

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